The mission of Children’s Literacy Network is to give all children in Washtenaw County an equal opportunity to develop a love of reading and books. Every year the Children’s Literacy Network (CLN) provides over 10,000 thousand books to preschoolers and school-age students. We do this through four programs: Summer Book Program, Mothers and Babies, Staying in Closer Touch and Read to Kids.

Now, CLN has created a free interactive reading website to engage kids in a new way with the books we give them.

CLNREADS.COM will: track reading minutes, allow students to add and review books in their own virtual library, give parents and teachers opportunities to create goals and incentives for the students, align with school curriculum, be available 24/7 both online and on their mobile devices & provide reading rewards, badges, incentives and opportunities to level up.

Classroom teachers will have an easy way to reinforce struggling students and create a positive communication stream with parents.

Students will be empowered to set individual reading goals, and independent reading will be rewarded.

Best of all, every time students reach a designated reading reward goal, CLN will mail them a new book! These reading incentives will improve academic performance through youth-driven engagement.

Why we are introducing this interactive website?

CLN knows raising up "bookworms" in a digital age—from picture books to ebooks and everything in between—can be a tricky endeavor.

Ultimately CLN’s dream is that we encourage and support a society of readers and create a place where the traditional literacies of reading can meet technology. We believe what matters most for growing 21st century readers is the convergence of innovative tools and interventions with human interactions and relationships centered around books, children, parents and educators.

It is a brilliant merger of books and technology, using the draw of technology to create a hook to a book!

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